Hallelugenia is Dark Soft Freaky Beats, Trippy Tunes, Electronic Ballads and more. Hallelugenia aims to generate an experimental sound, colliding an alternative rock soul into an electronic suit.

It’s a Bristol based, wilfully contradictory, electronic rock/soul project created in 2015 by Luca Macchi by misspelling the name of a paleozoic fossil.

His music is dark, romantic and can result in space travels.

Imagine you’re coming back home after a night out, you’re still a bit high: you want Hallelugenia to take your hand and guide you into a restoring sleep or an intimate revelation. Or both.

Hallelugenia released an album in 2018 of the same name coproduced with Lorenzo Cela and he’s just released the new Ep called Voices and Ghosts.